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Application Introduction to Laser Cutting Technology

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Laser Cutting

Laser is one of the four great inventions of the 20th century. Laser technology is an important symbol of the development of science and technology in the 20th century and one of the important pillars of optoelectronic technology in the modern information society.

Laser has four major characteristics: high brightness, high directivity, high monochromaticity and high coherence.

High brightnessThe brightness value of sunlight is 2×103W/cm2Sr, while the brightness value of gas laser is 108W/Cm2Sr. The brightness of the solid-state laser can be as high as 1011W/cm2Sr. Not only that, after the high-brightness laser beam is focused by the lens, it can generate thousands of degrees or even tens of thousands of degrees near the focal point, making it possible to process almost all materials.

High directivityThe high directivity of the laser enables it to effectively transmit a long distance while ensuring a very high power density for focusing. Both of these points are important conditions for laser processing.

High monochromaticityDue to the extremely high monochromaticity of the laser, it is ensured that the beam can be accuratocused on the focal poiely fnt and a high power density can be obtained.

High coherenceCoherence mainly describes the phase relationship of each part of the light wave.

Since the advent of lasers in 1960, laser technology has been widely used in various industries, including industrial processing, medical treatment, military, household appliances, measurement, aerospace, food, clothing, entertainment and other fields. The CO2 laser has high efficiency, good beam quality, large power range, continuous and pulse output, and low operating cost, which makes it widely used in the field of material processing and is currently the largest laser in the market.

Laser cutting is a non-contact processing with high energy density and good controllability. After the laser beam is focused, a small point of action with extremely strong energy is formed. There are many characteristics of applying it to cutting:

  • Narrow straight side slits

  • The smallest heat affected zone adjacent to the cut edge;

  • Minimal local deformation

  • No mechanical deformation of the workpiece

  • There is no tool wear, and there is no question of tool replacement;

  • There is no need to consider the hardness of the cutting material, that is, the laser cutting ability is not affected by the hardness of the material to be cut, and any hardness material can be cut.

  • It is convenient to combine with automation equipment, and it is easy to automate the cutting process;

  • Since there is no restriction on cutting the workpiece, the laser beam has unlimited profiling cutting ability;

  • Combined with a computer, the entire board can be laid out, saving materials.

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