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Ball screw support unit basic knowledge

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1. What are the models of the ball screw support unit?

AThe ball screw support unit is divided into a fixed side and a support side. It is the core component of precision machinery and is usually called the screw fixed seat. Its most basic models are square AK, AF, BK, BF, EK, EF, etc. There are various types of SCREWTECH ball screw support units. In addition to the above basic models, they are equipped with a large amount of inventory. There are also buffer sheets AKD type, screw cap AKE type, block BSV, BUV type, which can meet the diverse needs of customers.


2. Which type bearings are used on the fixed side of the ball screw support unit?

A:The fixed side of the screw support seat uses a P5 grade DF (face-to-face) angular contact ball bearing with zero clearance adjusted by preloading. In addition, AK/EK/FK6 and 8 type miniature models are equipped with P5 grade miniature angular contact bearings specially developed for miniature ball screws. The ball diameter is small and the number of steel balls is large. It is a miniature angular contact bearing with high rigidity and high precision, and stable rotation performance can be obtained. The use of angular contact ball bearings by SCREWTECH can fully satisfy the C5 level screw support unit.

3. What kind of bearing is used on the support side of the ball screw support unit?

A: The support side of the screw support unit uses deep groove ball bearings, and SCREWTECH uses our own deep groove ball bearings.

4. What is the quality and accuracy of the SCREWTECH screw support unit?

A: SCREWTECH produces C5 ball screw support seats and screw fixing seats. The center height of the screw support unit, bearing accuracy, and the accuracy of the bearing mounting hole determine the accuracy of the screw support seat. The accuracy of the three is not up to the standard requirements, which will cause undesirable phenomena such as running motion and abnormal noise. SCREWTECH uses zero-clearance P5 DF angular contact ball bearings, the bearing mounting hole accuracy is 0~0.02mm, and it is equipped with professional assembly methods and systematic testing procedures. It has high quality accuracy and strong stability, which can completely replace imported brands.

5. Can the ball screw support unit be disassembled?

A: Ball screw support unit is a precision part. Its main body, angular contact ball bearing, gland, and oil seal are integrated. They are assembled by professionals and cannot be disassembled.。

6. What are the accessories of the ball screw support unit?

A: There are 1 special lock nut and 2 spacer rings for the fixed side attachment of the SCREWTECH ball screw support seat. There is 1 circlip on the supporting side attachment of the screw rod. Different type support unit has different structure and accessories.

7. What are the differences between deep groove ball bearings and angular contact ball bearings used in the screw support unit?

A: The two types of bearings are mainly different in the following points: 1. The contact angle is different. The contact angle of deep groove ball bearings is 0°, while the contact angle of angular contact ball bearings is greater than 0°, generally 15°, 25°, 30°, etc. 2. The load direction is different. Deep groove ball bearings mainly bear radial load, while angular contact ball bearings can bear axial and radial loads at the same time. 3. The purpose is different. In terms of the limiting speed, the limiting speed of the angular contact ball bearing of the same size is higher than that of the deep groove ball bearing. Deep groove ball bearings are generally used individually, while angular contact ball bearings are generally used in conjunction with two, mainly back-to-back DB, face-to-face DF, and side-by-side DT. 4. The structure is different. Deep groove ball bearings have double ribs on both sides of the outer ring channel, while angular contact ball bearings generally have single ribs.

8. What are the surface treatments of the ball screw support unit?

A: The surface treatment of the ball screw support unit includes ferroferric oxide protective film, electroless nickel plating, low-temperature black chromium plating, etc. The ferroferric oxide protective film is also called blackening treatment, which is the most common surface treatment method. SCREWTECH screw support unit has undergone salt spray test and is rust-proof and durable.


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