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Basic knowledge of positioning platform

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Q: What is a sliding table and what types are there?

A: The sliding table is also called the alignment platform, which refers to a component product with three mechanisms of guiding, feeding and clamping. It is easy to perform positioning adjustment, so it can be used for fixtures for inspection, processing, and assembly processes. The sliding table is usually classified according to the following three aspects: First, it is classified by axis. There are 1-axis X-axis slide table, 2-axis XY-axis slide table, height adjustment Z-axis slide table, 3-axis slide table XYZ-axis slide table,The 2-axis and 3-axis sliding tables are assembled by X-axis or Z-axis sliding tables. Second, according to the classification of the guiding mechanism, there are dovetail groove type, cross roller guide type, linear ball guide type. Third, according to external force, it is divided into manual sliding table and electric sliding table.

Linear stage

Q: What should pay attention to when buying a sliding table?

A: Points to note when buying a sliding table:

1. Amount of movement of the sliding table.

2. Movement accuracy of the sliding table, including straightness, parallelism, etc.

3. Load resistance of the sliding table, which refers to the force that the sliding table can withstand when the center of gravity of the workpiece is at the center of the sliding table. The unit is N.

4. Allowable moment load of the sliding table, which refers to the force that the sliding table can withstand when the center of gravity of the workpiece deviates from the center of the sliding table. The unit is N·m. The customer selects the required sliding table according to the actual situation.

Q: What is the difference between dovetail groove type and cross roller type sliding table?

A: There are generally four differences between dovetail groove and cross roller slides:

1. Different structure. The dovetail slide is a guide mechanism that slides along the inner and outer dovetail grooves. The cross roller sliding table is a guide mechanism in which the rollers are arranged orthogonally to each other on two V-groove guide rails, and the rollers roll along the V-groove while the table surface moves.

2. Accuracy and stroke are different. The cross-roller sliding table has high accuracy, the straightness accuracy can reach 3μm, and the stroke is small. The straightness accuracy of the dovetail groove sliding table is generally 20~30μm, and its sliding is smooth and can have a larger stroke.

3. Operating adjustment speed is different. The dovetail groove type sliding motion has a fast adjustment speed, and the rack and pinion type adjustment knob can move forward or backward by 18mm in one turn. The cross-roller type micrometer knob can only move forward or backward by 0.5mm.

4. Price difference. The dovetail slide has a simple structure and low price, while the cross-roller slide has a relatively complex structure, high precision and high price.


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