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Bearing type: Spherical Roller Bearings

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Spherical Roller Bearings

Spherical roller bearings have two rows of rollers. There is a common spherical raceway on the outer ring and two inner raceways, which are at a certain angle to the bearing axis. The spherical center point of the outer ring raceway is located on the bearing. Therefore, the bearing is a self-aligning bearing, which is not sensitive to the alignment error between the shaft and the bearing seat, which may be caused by factors such as shaft deviation. Spherical roller bearings are well-designed. In addition to being able to withstand the height of the radial millimeter, they can also withstand recrystallization in two directions.

Bearing performance is not only determined by load or rated speed, but many other factors can also affect bearing performance. The performance of the bearing is largely affected by the following factors: the geometry of the rollers, raceways and cages, heat treatment and the surface finish of all contact surfaces.

Features and advantages:

High carrying capacity

long service life

Low friction

Strong and durable


Renewable Energy

Mining, mineral processing and cement

Material transportation

Pulp and paper

Industrial Transmission



The allowable operating temperature of spherical roller bearings may depend on:

1. Dimensional stability of bearing rings

2. Seals

3. Lubricant

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