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Characteristic and Application of Rolling Screw Transmission

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TypeRolling Screw Transmission

1. Low friction resistance and high transmission efficiency (normally above 90%)

2. Complex structure, difficult to manufacture

3. With transmission reversibility (can turn rotary motion into linear motion). In order to prevent the screw pair reversing after being loaded, should provide an anti-reversal mechanism

4. Stable operation, no vibration when starting, no crawling at low speed

5. Adjust the nut and screw pre-tightening to obtain high positioning precision (5μm/300mm) and repeat positioning precision (1-2μm), and can improve axial rigidity

6. Long working life, not easy to break down

7. Poor impact resistance
Application ExampleMetal cutting machine tools (especially machining centers, CNC machine tools, precision machine tools); Test machinery; Drive screw and adjustment screw of the instrument; Force transmission screw for lifting mechanism and steering mechanism of automobile and tractor; Transmission screw and force transmission screw of automatic control system of aircraft, missile, ship, railway, etc.

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