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SCREWTECH designs, manufactures, supplies a complete selection of inch and metric linear mechanical parts and systems to the Linear Motion and Power Transmission Industries. 

Different from some big brands : KSS , THK , PMI, HIWIN, TBI, Helix etc. Screwtech stands out with customized service; flexible production; fast delivery and reasonable cost.

Our advantage:

 The only one and unique manufacturer for miniature ball and lead screws in China mainland with full series and competitive price.
 Steady Exporting to Europe, Northern America, Asia, Southeast Asia.
 Processing four distributors in domestic: SHENZHEN,  SHANDONG, TIANJIN, SHANGHAI.
Our products include standard and custom, catalogued and non-catalogued.

Main product line:

Miniature Ball Screw with diameter from 4mm-16mm, lead from 1mm to 10mm.
Nominal ball screw Diameter: 4 ~ 80 mm   
Stainless Steel or 1045 Steel Lead Screw with POM or Brass Nut, diameter from 3.5mm to 80mm
Stainless Steel Ball Screw
Support Unit of Ball Screw
HIWIN Linear Guideways;
Stepper Motor, 
Flexible Coupling
Linear module
Motorized linear stage, high accuracy of positioning, single axis, XY-axis, XYZ-axis, multi-axis robot;
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    Organization Structure

    In order to ensure the effective operation of our company’s various tasks, we implement the operating responsibility system under the leadership of the general manager based on the actual operating conditions of the company to determine the general manager’s office and R&D, sales, personnel administration, finance, production, procurement, quality, and production. Work responsibilities and functions of each department, determine the work connection between each department, and ensure the effective and standardized operation of each department's work. The company has obtained ISO9001, IATF16949 quality system certification.

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    Project operation management system
    In accordance with the requirements of standardized modern enterprise system management and project operation management, the company uses institutionalized and standardized enterprise scientific management practices to ensure the effective implementation, beneficial execution and task realization of the work objectives at each stage. At the same time, the company has established a strict and complete performance appraisal system that covers all employees and extends to every month, allowing employees to maximize their pragmatic and innovative work enthusiasm under the performance system with incentive policies.



Operate in accordance with the IATF16949 quality 
system and carry out related audits.
We got IATF14969 certificate, we are qualified ball screws and linear motion parts supplier for Auto Mobile, Military Project and Aerospace Project. 
For the development of sliding tables, positioning platforms and electric cylinders,
Quality management of trapezoidal screw and ball screw products.
The new plant was built, a machining workshop was set up, and the production of sliding screws was started. Successfully applied for 
ISO 9001:2015.
Successfully developed the cover plate returner, with an annual sales volume of 20 million. Successfully developed the plastic return device, which reduced the cost of the ball screw and increased the service life.
Registered "WKT" trademark and started brand management.
The first domestic 1602 miniature ball screw pair for new energy vehicle gearboxes was officially mass-produced.
Introduce high-precision CNC grinding center for mass production of ball screw nuts.
Skole invested in Jining Weikete (Jining Weite) to develop strategic cooperation to expand the production and sales of ball screw pairs.
Suzhou Schole Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. was registered and established to fully develop domestic and international business.
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09 / 04 / 2021
Lead screw basic knowledge

Q:What is trapezoidal screw?A:Trapezoidal screw is a kind of lead screw. It is a trapezoidal screw thread. Generall, a 30-degree trapezoidal screw means that the angle of the thread section extension is 30 degrees. Trapezoidal screws are divided into left-handed, right-handed and bi-directional-hand

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Advantage of Linear Module

What are the advantages of linear modules? The linear module is an automatic transmission element, which uses timing belt or ball screw to drive the slider to move. It is usually composed of timing belt, ball screw, direct moving die, aluminum alloy profiles, ball screw bracket, coupling, motor, Pho

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The influence of temperature on the linear guideway

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31 / 03 / 2021
The relationship between ball screw preload and accuracy

The relationship between the pre-pressure of the ball screw and the load of the screw is mainly used for gap adjustment. If high precision is required, the pre-pressure should be increased accordingly, but it should not be too large, otherwise it will cause high temperature and reduced efficiency.

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30 / 03 / 2021
Ball screw drive torque

What is the ball screw drive torque? How should this torque be calculated? The torque of the mechanical components is called the driving torque of the ball screw. The ball screw will produce a certain degree of torsional deformation under the action of torque. Torque is the basic load form of transm

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29 / 03 / 2021
Introduction of Rotating Ball Spline

Features of Rotating SeriesZero clearance in spline rotation direction/high positioning accuracyThe contact angle between the nut and the steel ball is 40°, and the bearing DB type (back-to-back combination) design is adopted. Due to the wide span between the effective centers of the bead groove, th

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Screwtech designs, manufactures, supplies a complete selection of inch and metric linear mechanical parts and systems to the Linear Motion and Power Transmission Industries.

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