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Dust-proof of linear guideway

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In order to obtain good processing accuracy and maintain its performance characteristics for linear guides, dust prevention is a very critical measure. For this kind of parts with extremely high precision requirements, any dust and impurities are not good, it will destroy the entire linear motion system and shorten the service life. In addition, users should not disassemble the slider by themselves during use, so as to prevent foreign matter from entering the slider, which will affect the accuracy of the linear guide and shorten the service life.


Special sheet gasket for linear motion system

The linear guide system is inseparable from the use of seals. Because it has a lot of gaps, it is easier for dust and impurities to enter, so if you want the entire system to achieve a sealed state, must use sealing gaskets to plug these gaps. However, there are some particulars about the use of the sealing gasket. It is not an ordinary material. On the contrary, the material used to make the linear guide sealing gasket must be a professional rubber material, and then made into a cleaning ring.

The biggest advantage of rubber gasket is that it has very strong toughness and a very high elastic coefficient. Although its manufacturing cost is much higher than that of ordinary plastic gaskets, it can be used as a gasket without leaving any gaps. In order to improve dust resistance, each linear guide system is equipped with a special synthetic rubber sealing gasket with high wear resistance, as well as (stacked contact scrapers, etc.), cleaning rings and other accessories.


Dedicated telescopic dust cover

The use of the dust cover also has a good effect on dust prevention. The dust cover currently in use has two types specifically for the harsh environment and the ordinary working environment. The softness of the dust cover used in harsh environments is very good, it can be freely stretched, so that it can cope with different machine tool structures. There is also a professional dustproof device, which mainly prevents dust from approaching the linear guide.

In places where the use environment is harsh, some models are equipped with special soft telescopic dust cover and special dust cover. In addition, when it needs to be used in an environment susceptible to cutting chips and cutting fluid splashing, it is recommended to use a soft circular telescopic cover to protect the entire system, or use a large telescopic dust cover.

Finally, if you need to provide dust protection for the ball screw of the linear guide, you can also use a large telescopic dust cover.


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