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Features of positioning platform

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Electric positioning platforms and manual positioning platforms are widely used in scientific research, laser applications, automatic measurement and testing equipment, industrial automation and other fields because of their high precision, strong controllability, high practicability, and simple maintenance; and to achieve displacement control under vacuum, pollution, sterile, radiation and other environments.

The electronically positioning platform consists of three parts: positioning platform (mechanical part), drive motor (drive part), and controller (control part).

The drive motor and controller mainly determine the drive torque, resolution, acceleration and deceleration, signal processing, use functions (such as scanning, arc interpolation) and other performance parameters. The positioning platform is the heart of the system, and the main technical indicators such as displacement accuracy, stroke, load, stability, applicable environment, and external dimensions are all determined by it.

Compared with the electric positioning platform, the manual positioning platform mainly changes the driving part to a hand wheel, and removes the control part, and directly uses the hand to control the displacement amount artificially. Due to its simple drive and flexible use, the manual positioning platform is also widely used in various occasions that require precise displacement without online automatic control.


Introduction of several main technical indicators of the precision positioning platform:

  • Resolution: refers to the tiny position increment that the mobile system can distinguish;

  • Accuracy: For a given input, the gap between the actual position and the ideal position;

  • Repeat positioning accuracy: refers to the ability of the displacement system to reach a given point many times;

  • Load capacity: refers to the total force allowed to act on the center of the countertop table and perpendicular to the direction of movement and the work table.

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