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High precision custom ballnut 2.5mm pitch diameter 12mm ball screw 1202.5

MOQ: 1 set available
Fast delivery: 7~20 days

Product Description

Norminal diameter From 4 to 32mm
Lead/Pitch From 2 to 32mm
Thread direction:
right hand,some item can be left hand or bi-directional thread
Accuracy grade:
C3 C5
Axial play:
P0 P1 P2 P3 P4 (as per your requirement)
Automatic controlling machines, semi-conductor industry, general industrial machinery, machine tools, medical equipments or instruments,medical imaging, parking systems, measuring instrument, Automatic computer strip machine, Gantry cranes,  Gantry robot,  3D engraving machine, linear stage, electric tools, linear actuator, off-highway, optical industry and so on...

Custom ballnut 2.5mm pitch precision ball screw 1202.5.jpg

Other types are available upon request.Please refer to our download files or send us your drawing for checking.

Why choose Screwtech

 1. We Screwtech is an experienced manufacturer for high precision ground Ball Screw, Lead Screw with more than 10 years.Also the unique professional manufacturer  for micro ball screws(diameter from 4mm to 16mm).

 2. We are factory:We can offer you products of high quality with competitive price.

 3. Customized service:Various models are available upon request.

 Custom model:lead time:30 days at most; Standard model lead time:7~15 days
 4.We can produce the same size as HIWIN, TBI, PMI, and THK.

Features and benefits:

  • Excellent repeatability with high positioning accuracy 

  • Smooth running

  • High precision accuracy grade C3 or C5

  • Custom service

  • Suitable for long storage periods before use, or for applications requiring extremely long service life


  ●  Miniature Dia. : Ø 4 ~ 16 mm 
Some unique models such as  0401,0601,0801, 0602,0704,1003,1102,1520,1404,2302,2505,2506 etc.
  ● Nominal Diameter: Ø 4 ~ 32 mm 
  ● Nut type:Standard or customized. 
     Standard model:7~15 days
     Customized model lead time: 30 days 
 ●  Accuracy Grade : C3, C5, C7
 ●  Thread Direction : Right hand thread ; Left hand thread; Bi-directional thread
 ●  Material: Gcr15 or stainless steel


Our Business Extent:

1.We have business relations with clients both domestic and abroad.
2.With the high quality,good service as well as reasonable price,we've obtained large numbers of customers all over the world from Europe, USA, Canada, Africa, Australia, Korea and so on.


Packing & Delivery:

Package Details : In cartons or Wooden cases upon your requirement
For sample:we have DHL, FEDEX VIP account, so the shipping freight will be much cheaper after discount.

For bulk order:by air or by sea.

ball screw packing.jpg

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