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How to maintain the ball screw for long-term stable use

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Like all motion control devices based on contact friction, the ball screw must be maintained. Keeping it lubricated and reducing friction can be used more smoothly and have a longer life.

Even though all parts of the ball screw (rods, nuts and beads) are treated with dry film lubrication, it still needs some oil to operate properly.

When leaving the factory, we have pre-added grease, filled with lubricating grease, but under long-term operation, it is recommended to add grease regularly. For the first time, you can check it when the ball screw is running for 500 hours, and customize the maintenance plan according to the grease consumption. After all, each ball screw is operated in a different environment.

The common cause of grease problems is mainly under repeated motion. Assuming that the total stroke of your X-axis and Y-axis is 1 meter, but you are processing a part area that is only a few centimeters long. If your machine performs this task repeatedly, most areas of the X and Y axis will be exposed to the environment without being swept by the nut. In addition, the steel ball inside the nut will not receive fresh lubricant. As a result, they may lose lubricant while accumulating dirt, dust and chips. These conditions increase the risk of excessive wear when the machine returns to other operations.

In order to prevent this situation, we recommend two solutions. The first is to create a designated lubricant "station" at the other end of the small work area. Move the nut to this "station", apply lubricant, and then return. This operation will ensure that the shaft can not only wipe off debris (assuming there are proper wipers on both ends of the ball nut), but also uniformly lubricate. The second is if the contamination of shaft is small, you can inject lubricant into the nut in a small working range. Move the nut at least one length to distribute the lubricant evenly in the nut. When the machine returns to other operations, there will be enough lubricant inside the nut to properly cover the shaft.

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