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Miniature Ball Screw Installation and Maintenance Guide

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With the rapid development of the CNC machine industry and automation control equipment, the high-efficiency transmission components such as miniature ball screws have also been increasingly widely used. The appearance and use of such mechanical components have greatly improved the processing quality of automated equipment, but if the installation is not standardized or the use and maintenance are improper, it will also affect the normal operation and accuracy of the machine. So how to install, use and maintain so that the miniature ball screw can be safer and more efficient?

(组合)现货微科特WKT斯科勒微型滚珠丝杆副 高精度

The correct installation method and installation precautions of miniature ball screw:

1. The ball screw is a precision transmission device and must be lubricated. It is recommended to use lithium-based grease 1-3 turbine oil lubrication in the nut.

2. The ball screw is the same as the rolling bearing, incorporation of dust and foreign matter will reduce the service life. Therefore, lead screw protective cover must be used for protection. Most of the various types of ball screw pairs in domestic and overseas have been installed with sealing rings to prevent dirt from entering the ball screw body. In addition, when using in occasions where metal shavings are easy to invade the screw, it should also be considered to use a lead screw protective sleeve for protection over the full length of the lead screw.

3. Due to the special structure of the ball screw nut, it is not suitable to bear radial load, so as not to cause the screw to bend, affect the transmission accuracy and movement flexibility, and reduce the service life. Therefore, when installing, pay special attention to the parallelism between the axis line of the screw and the movement track of the nut base, and make the center axis of the screw support consistent with the center axis of the nut base.

4. Install the lead screw on the equipment, and be careful not to separate the lead screw from the nut to prevent the ball from falling out. Do not knock the ball screw pair during installation, and pay special attention to protecting the ball guide. Because the pipe wall is thin, collision deformation will restrict the flow of the steel ball.

When using and maintaining miniature ball screws, pay attention to the following issues:

1. Lubricating

Grease and lubricating oil are common lubrication methods. When using grease for lubrication, Keng-based grease should be used. When using lubricating oil, should use lubricating oil with reduced kinematic viscosity. Especially in the case of high speed and heavy load, it is also necessary to consider the use of forced lubrication for cooling to avoid heating of the screw, which affects accuracy.

2. Dust-proof

Ball screws are the same as rolling bearings. If dirt enters, wear and damage will occur. Therefore, dust-proof devices such as telescopic bellows and screw sheaths must be used to completely protect the screw rod. In addition, even if there is no foreign matter in the environment, but there is suspended dust, you must install a dustproof sheet on the nut.

3. Avoid radial force acting on the lead screw

If the radial force acts on the screw, it will greatly shorten the life of the ball screw and cause poor operation.

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