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Miniature ball screw

Better nut geometry:

a. MIF series(round nut with flange).Threaded hole on flange for easy mounting

b. MIA series(round nut without flange).Threaded nose on ballnut for easy integration into any assembly.Compact nut design ball screw.

c. MIC series(cylindrical nut without flange).Keyway on ballnut for mounting

Miniature ball screw range:

● Diameter 4mm,available pitch 1mm

● Diameter 5mm,available pitch 1mm

● Diameter 6mm,available pitch 1~6mm

● Diameter 8mm,available pitch 1~8mm

● Diameter 10mm,available pitch 1~10mm

● Diameter 12mm,available pitch 1~10mm

Some unique models from us: 0401, 0601, 0601.5, 0602, 0602.5, 0801, 0801.5, 0602RL, 0802RL, 0704, 1003, 1102, 1404, 1520, 2302, 2505, 2506 etc.

Miniature ball screw application:

The miniature screw series has been developed for industrial (optics regulations, paper industry), for all movements in the biomedical, military, aerospace (sight systems), fields where access to the application is possible only if overall dimensions are extremely limited.

Some typical application field:

CNC machine tools, semiconductor equipment, automation equipment, medical equipment, petroleum machinery, precision measuring instruments, mechanical arm, laboratory equipment, aerospace, printing machinery, pharmaceutical packaging machinery, energy enterprises, beverage machinery, food machinery and other fields.

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Screwtech designs, manufactures, supplies a complete selection of inch and metric linear mechanical parts and systems to the Linear Motion and Power Transmission Industries.

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