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Name and function of each part of the chip mounter

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1. Host machine

1.1 Main Power Switch: Power on or off host machine

1.2 Vision Monitor: Displays the recognition status of images or components and marks obtained by moving the lens.

1.3 Operation Monitor: Display the VIOS software screen of machine operation. If there is an error or problem during the operation, correction information is also displayed on this screen.

1.4 Warning Lamp: Indicate the operating conditions of the placement machine in green, yellow and red.

Green: Machine is in automatic operation

Yellow: Error (return to origin cannot be executed, picking error, identification failure, etc.) or interlocking occurs.

Red: Machine is in an emergency stop state (when the machine or YPU stop button is pressed).

1.5 Emergency Stop Button: Press this button to immediately trigger an emergency stop.

2.  Head Assembly

Head Assembly: Move in the XY direction (or X direction), pick up the parts from the feeder and mount on the PCB.

Movement Handle: When the servo control is released, you can move in each direction with your hand. This handle is usually used when moving the head assembly by hand.

3. Vision System

Moving Camera: It is used to identify the mark on the PCB or the position or coordinate tracking.

Single-Vision Camera: Used to identify components, mainly those QPFs with pins.

Backlight Unit: When identifying with an independent visual lens, illuminate the component from the back.

Laser Unit: Laser beam can be used to identify parts, mainly sheet parts.

Multi-Vision Camera: Multiple parts can be identified at once to speed up the identification speed.

4.  Feeder Plate

The tape feeder, bulk feeder and tube feeder (multi-tube feeder) can be installed on the front or rear feeding platform of the placement machine.

5. Axis Configuration

X axis: The moving head assembly is parallel to the PCB transfer direction.

Y axis: The moving head assembly is perpendicular to the PCB transfer direction.

Z axis: Control the height of the working head assembly.

R axis: Control the rotation of the nozzle shaft of the working head assembly.

W axis: Adjust the width of the transport rail.

6.  Conveyor Unit

1. Main Stopper

2. Locate Pins

3. Push-in Unit

4. Edge Clamp

5. Push-up Plate

6. Push-up Pins

7. Entrance Stopper

7. Nozzle Station: Allows automatic nozzle exchange, a total of 16 nozzles, 7 standard and 9 optional nozzles can be loaded.

8.  Air Supply Unit

Including air filter, air pressure adjustment button, air pressure gauge.

9.  Data Input and Operation Devices

1. YPU (Programming Unit)

Ready button: The abnormal stop is released and the servo system takes effect.

2.     Keyboard

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