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Planetary roller screw working principle

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The planetary roller screw is a mechanism that converts rotational motion into linear motion. The rolling element between the nut and the screw is threaded roller. The numerous contact lines make the planetary roller screw have a very strong bearing capacity.

Planetary roller screws are classified into: roller non-circulating type and roller circulating type. The lead accuracy grade ranges from G5 to G1 (standard).

Working Principle

Planetary roller screw is a mechanical device that converts rotary motion into linear motion.

The planetary roller screw drive is unique. Around the main threaded screw, 6-12 threaded roller screws are arranged on the planet, which converts the rotation of the motor into the linear motion of the screw or nut. Planetary roller screws can withstand heavy loads for thousands of hours in extremely difficult environments, which makes planetary roller screws an ideal choice for applications requiring continuous work.

Product Application

Planetary roller screws are suitable for applications in the following industries:

-CNC machine tools-robots,

-Aviation (aircraft/helicopter)-Aerospace (rocket/satellite),

-Weaponry (tank/cannon/missile/aircraft carrier/nuclear submarine)

-Precision injection molding machine -Mechanical press,

-Medical industry -Measuring instruments

-Special machine tools -Laser equipment

-Petroleum industry -Chemical industry

-Optical Instruments -Metallurgical Equipment

-Automotive Industry -Servo Electric Cylinder

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