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Storage Time of Bearing

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Storage time refers to the time during which the bearing can be stored without adversely affecting its running performance. WKT bearings are coated with high-quality anti-rust oil to protect them from corrosion. Long-term storage can be achieved if the bearing is placed in the original unopened and undamaged packaging. The storage time of bearing also depends on the environmental conditions. In order to maintain the potential running performance of bearing, we recommend the "first in, first out" storage principle.


Storage time of open bearings

General storage time of open (unsealed) bearings is listed in Table 1.

Relative air humidity /%

Environment temperature /℃

Storage time /Year











Storage time of closed bearings

The maximum storage time of closed bearings (bearings with seals or dust covers) should be three years, otherwise the pre-filled grease will age.

Additional factors related to storage

In order to avoid degradation of bearing performance during storage, the following factors need to be considered:

• Store indoors in a frost-free and non-condensing environment, with a maximum room temperature of 40 °C (105 °F), and avoid air currents.

• Store under vibration-free conditions, because vibration may cause damage to the raceway.

• It is best to place it horizontally to avoid damage caused by the bearing falling.

• Do not open or destroy the original packaging.

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