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Structure of rolling bearing

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Bearings are all around us and have a wide range of uses.

Take a car as an example. Generally, 100 to 150 bearings are used in a car.
Not only cars, vehicles (such as trains, airplanes, ships, etc.), household appliances (such as washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, etc.), office appliances (such as photocopiers, computers, etc.), children's electric toys, power tools, machine tools, etc. , Even satellites, there are bearings. Bearings play an important role in improving mechanical operation efficiency and energy saving. Although the bearing runs silently inside the machine, it is an important part to keep the machine stable and functioning.

Ball bearing 

roller bearing (rolling bearing)

The basic structure of "rolling bearing" is very simple and consists of four parts.

Outer ring

Inner ring

Rolling element

balls or rollers between the outer and inner rings


Positioning parts for rolling elements

The basic function of the bearing is to "reduce mechanical friction". There are three major benefits of reducing friction:

1. Improve the working efficiency of machinery.

2. Extend the service life of the machine.

3. Prevent seizure and reduce mechanical failure.

Bearings can reduce friction, improve transmission efficiency, and contribute to energy saving.

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