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WKT miniature ball screw for aerospace Industry

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For the special miniature ball screw in the aerospace field, SCREWTECH provides a variety of customized solutions.

Aircraft flap actuator

For the miniature ball screw for aircraft flap actuators, SCREWTECH offers a variety of solutions. The reliability and effectiveness of these miniature ball screw solutions have been verified and mass-produced for a long time.

Driver for brake system

The core of the ball screw for brake system drive is high load, minimized installation space and optimized to meet the specific needs of customers. In this regard, SCREWTECH has carried out a lot of development and verification work to ensure that the above requirements are met to the greatest extent.

Other electromechanical servo drives

In other parts of aerospace vehicles, such as air conditioning systems, warehouse door systems, etc., various drives are also required. For these application requirements, SCREWTECH strives to control costs to the greatest extent while ensuring performance and reliability.

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV)

In the field of aerospace flight, SCREWTECH has extensive experience, including materials, surface treatment, lubrication, etc. The materials include the processing and application of various stainless steel materials and titanium alloy materials, as well as the design, processing and assembly of miniature ball screw for missile and unmanned aerial vehicle control fins.

SCREWTECH has skills in the aerospace industry include:

– Recommendations of existing designs
– New product design, trial production, verification and mass production
– Design-related certification and development
– Other services such as assembly

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