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What can cause premature failure of ball screw or ball nut?

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Many factors can cause premature failure of ball screw or ball nut. A few common factors are listed below:

1. Lack of lubrication. Proper lubrication helps to dissipate heat and reduce wear of components. Lack of lubrication is one of the main reasons for premature failure of ball screws or ball nuts.

2. Dirt or debris in the ball nut or ball raceway can hinder the free circulation of the ball bearing. Due to slippage and peeling, the ball bearings may form a flat surface on them, which may damage the ball raceway in the screw or ball nut.

3. Misalignment of the ball nut and the screw can cause side loading or eccentric loading. It is very important to ensure that the ball nuts only support axial load. Side loads or eccentric loads may cause the ball bearings to wear in certain locations. The bearing may even come out of the return pipe.

4. Overspeed. Exceeding the critical speed of the ball nut may cause damage to the pick-up teeth, causing the ball bearing to fall out of the nut. Exceeding the critical speed of the screw will cause abnormal noise or vibration of the screw and cause misalignment deviation. Screw surface speeds exceeding 8,000 inch/min will reduce the rated life.

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