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ball screw

These are related to the ball screw news, in which you can learn about the updated information in ball screw, to help you better understand and expand ball screw market. Because the market for ball screw is evolving and changing, so we recommend that you collect our website, and we will show you the latest news on a regular basis.
  • Molybdenum disulfide grease, also known as High temperature resistant grease, is black in appearance. It is made of inorganic thickener thickened ester synthetic oil, and added with molybdenum disulfide solid lubricant, anti-oxidation, anti-rust and other additives.This high temperature and high pre


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  • Carbon dioxide laser cutting machine is also what we often call CO2 laser cutting machine. Like fiber laser cutting machine, it is widely used in many processing industries. Compared with the traditional cutting mode, it has many advantages, but it also has some shortcomings.The main advantages of C


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  • The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) announced an industry-specific quality system requirement in March 2002. Its full name is "Quality Management System—Special Requirements for the Organization and Implementation of ISO9001 for Production Parts and Related Service Parts in the


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  • Accuracy grade of precision rolled ball screwCumulativeC6C7C8C10V3002350100210ep


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  • High-speed machining is a high-tech in the 21st century. Its basic characteristics are high efficiency, high precision and high surface quality. It has been widely used in aerospace, automotive industry, mold manufacturing, optoelectronic engineering, instrumentation and other industries, and it has


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  • 2020.10.16

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  • Like all motion control devices based on contact friction, the ball screw must be maintained. Keeping it lubricated and reducing friction can be used more smoothly and have a longer life.Even though all parts of the ball screw (rods, nuts and beads) are treated with dry film lubrication, it still ne


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  • Type


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  • Many factors can cause premature failure of ball screw or ball nut. A few common factors are listed below:1. Lack of lubrication. Proper lubrication helps to dissipate heat and reduce wear of components. Lack of lubrication is one of the main reasons for premature failure of ball screws or ball nuts


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  • Ball screw is the most commonly used transmission element in tool machinery and precision machinery. Its main function is to convert rotary motion into linear motion, or convert series into continuous force, and it has both high precision, reversibility and high efficiency. Features. Due to its low


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  • Global Leading BrandsOur WKT BrandNoteCountry (Region)Brand NameProduct ModelChina (Taiwan)TBISFK0401MIF0401Our product can achieve the same performance with TBI brand product after our customers' testing. More and more customer choose us since can save their production cost.SFK0601MIF06


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  • 轴端类型Screw Typical Journal Ends轴端加工代号及特征 Screw Journal ends machining Symbol and Feature图例Diagram代号Symbol特征 Features固定端Fixed end(F)F联轴器端coupling end+锁紧螺纹thread lock+轴承位bearing block FM联轴器端coupling end(轴向螺纹孔axial threaded hole)+锁紧螺纹thread lock+轴承位bearing block FD联轴器端coupling end(铣单扁milling with one cu


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  • ACME Thread Lead Screw SizesNominal diameter(mm)Lead (mm)Pitch (mm)No. of threadsLeft HandThread height(mm)Major diameter(mm)Pitch diameter(mm)Minor diameter(mm)Maximum processing diameter(mm)Max.Min.Max.Min.Max.Min.4.76(3/16-20)1.271.271√0.794.764.634.063.883.493.203.345.5(7/32-22)4.581.154√0.725


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  • MaterialMaterial StandardHeat Treatment StandardTypeBrandHigh Carbon Chromium Bearing SteelGCr15GB/T 18254-2002 GB/T 18579-2001JB/T 1255GCr15SiMnGCr15SiMoGCr18MoHigh Carbon Chromium Stainless Bearing SteelG95Cr18(9Cr18)GB/T 3086-2008JB/T 1460-2011G102Cr18Mo(9Cr18Mo)G65Cr14MoHigh


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  • Nominal diameterHardness (HRC)>≤High-carbon chromium bearing steelHigh-carbon chromium stainless steel bearing steelHigh temperature bearing steel-3061~66≥5861~66305060~6550-58~64


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