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lead screw

If you want to know more about the lead screw, the following articles will give you some help. These news is the latest market situation, trend in development, or related tips of the lead screw industry. More news about lead screw, are being released. Follow us / contact us for more lead screw information!
  • Lead screw friction coefficient table


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  • Trapezoidal screw pair (Tr thread, tooth Angle 30°) is a power transmission device. Generally according to the German standard DIN103 (DIN103 has been adopted by ISO as an international standard). The counterpart is the ACME threaded lead screw pair (tooth Angle 29 °) in British system. Generally us


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  • Type


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  • What is the difference between Lead Screw and ACME Screw?Lead Screw"Lead Screw" is a general term that refers to all threaded transmission screws that transfer loads through sliding surface. ACME Lead Screw"ACME" is a term that refers to a specific thread shape. All ACME screws belong to lead screws


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  • 轴端类型Screw Typical Journal Ends轴端加工代号及特征 Screw Journal ends machining Symbol and Feature图例Diagram代号Symbol特征 Features固定端Fixed end(F)F联轴器端coupling end+锁紧螺纹thread lock+轴承位bearing block FM联轴器端coupling end(轴向螺纹孔axial threaded hole)+锁紧螺纹thread lock+轴承位bearing block FD联轴器端coupling end(铣单扁milling with one cu


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  • ACME Thread Lead Screw SizesNominal diameter(mm)Lead (mm)Pitch (mm)No. of threadsLeft HandThread height(mm)Major diameter(mm)Pitch diameter(mm)Minor diameter(mm)Maximum processing diameter(mm)Max.Min.Max.Min.Max.Min.4.76(3/16-20)1.271.271√0.794.764.634.063.883.493.203.345.5(7/32-22)4.581.154√0.725


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  • MaterialMaterial StandardHeat Treatment StandardTypeBrandHigh Carbon Chromium Bearing SteelGCr15GB/T 18254-2002 GB/T 18579-2001JB/T 1255GCr15SiMnGCr15SiMoGCr18MoHigh Carbon Chromium Stainless Bearing SteelG95Cr18(9Cr18)GB/T 3086-2008JB/T 1460-2011G102Cr18Mo(9Cr18Mo)G65Cr14MoHigh


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  • Nominal diameterHardness (HRC)>≤High-carbon chromium bearing steelHigh-carbon chromium stainless steel bearing steelHigh temperature bearing steel-3061~66≥5861~66305060~6550-58~64


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  • GradeDia.Tolerances and Ball Gauge Figure(μm)(mm)ToleranceBall Dia.Spherical ErrorSurface Roughness (Ra)Diameter VariationDistance of Dividers NumericalDividers NumericalG3-12±5.320.±5.630.130.130.0140.251-5...-10+1...+5G10-25±9.750.


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